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Dia Pellerin
Project Coordinator
(240) 283-9700


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ASIP Committee for Career Development and Diversity


The Committee for Career Development and Diversity shall develop and oversee programs to promote the career development of all members of the Society, especially under-represented populations.

The Chair-Elect and the Chair of the Committee for Career Development, Women and Minorities shall be elected by the membership. The Council shall appoint other members of the Committee from among various membership categories. At least one voting member of the Committee shall be a trainee. Members of the Committee shall have terms of up to three years, and may serve consecutive terms. Non-voting and ex officio members of the Committee shall be the Program Committee Chair, the Education Committee Chair, and the Executive Officer. The President shall be a voting ex officio member of the Committee for Career Development, Women and Minorities.

Committee Sponsored Programs:

ASIP Summer Research Opportunity Program in Pathology (SROPP)

ASIP and the Committee for Career Development and Diversity started SROPP to provide summer research opportunities in pathobiology for underrepresented minority students by providing financial support for students to visit, learn, and participate in new research in the mechanisms of disease at prominent research laboratories and institutions during the summer.
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The ASIP Committee for Career Development and Diversity has created PathFinders, a new mentoring opportunity for first-time attendees to the ASIP Annual Meeting (at Experimental Biology). This program was created to offer guidance and build camaraderie between ASIP trainees and regular members and offer guidance to trainees who attend the meeting without their institutional advisor. By leveraging the guidance and expertise of current ASIP members, this program will allow trainees to be introduced to the Society on a more personal level, and to maximize their conference experience.
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The ASIP Committee for Career Development and Diversity is pleased to announce the launch of a new "Year Round Mentoring Program" for Junior Faculty and Senior Post-Docs. Mentoring is critical to the continued growth of any scientific discipline and ASIP recognizes that we can play an important role in fostering these relationships among our members. Mentorship can provide career development, professional skills growth, and even grant preparation assistance. To sign up for the program as a mentor or a mentee please contact Constanza Bacon.


Read Dr. William Coleman's most recent Pathogenesis blog post titled "Scientific Mentorship"

F-Troop...2.0: The Fellowship Grant Mentor Program
Did you enjoy ASIP's Program, F-Troop? Are you looking for guidance on the Fellowship Grant writing process? We can help! ASIP is offering an opportunity at the ASIP 2016 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology for you to get personalized feedback from an established researcher. One-on-one meetings will be conducted at the ASIP 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego. You will have the opportunity beforehand to communicate with your assigned Fellowship Grant Mentor to decide what assistance would be most valuable on-site. Fellowship Grant Mentors can assist with you with a grant you are currently writing or provide general insight into the process of preparing your fellowship grant application. If you would like to be assigned a mentor and a time to meet with them at the ASIP 2016 Annual Meeting, please contact Constanza Bacon.

Download F-Troop 2016 Handbook PDF


Are you an ASIP Member with Fellowship Grant Experience?
We Need You!

If you consider yourself to be an expert on Fellowship Grant preparation and would like to participate in F-Troop...2.0 as a Fellowship Grant Mentor, please contact Constanza Bacon.

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Committee Sponsored Sessions at the ASIP Annual Meeting at EB 2016: