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PISA 2016

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Novel Research Lays the Groundwork for New Therapies Against Sepsis
Protective role for SHARPIN, a protein involved in regulating inflammation, according to report in The American Journal of Pathology.
May 2016
DCP SIG Modality of the Month #2:
High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (MRM)
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Welcome to our newest Members!
New Assay Detects Persistent Disease in Leukemia Patients Thought to Be in Remission
Report in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics Describes a More Sensitive and Personalized Method of Identifying Patients Likely to Relapse Compared to the Current Gold Standard
February 5, 2016
ASIP Comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Common Rule
Congratulations to ASIP Members Kathleen R. Cho, MD, Laurie Kay McCauley, DDS, PhD, and Joan W. Miller, MD, FARVO, who were recently elected to the National Academy of Medicine!
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